The Key Worker Edit; taking care of your skin whilst wearing a PPE mask.

Front line workers, facing the world swept pandemic face to face, you are doing AMAZING! I don’t know where to begin with how I can thank you, but I hope sharing this information with you, I’m praying may help you a little, especially If you are suffering with your skin due to unavoidably wearing personal protective equipment.

Taking care of your skin understandably is going to be the very least of your worries but In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how you can try to keep your skin some-what happy and as painless as possible during this time! 

Keep it simple.

(If you have time) start your day with the most simplest of skin routines. Cleanse and moisturise - time to throw other serums in there is obviously a bonus! When removing the mask, cleanse & moisturise!

Things to avoid.

  • Products which have essential oil based ingredients. These are going to irritate the skin greatly! Especially if you have dry, cracked skin with potential open sores!

  • High percentages of alcohol. (Mainly toners). Understand that there are small traces of alcohol in the majority of skincare. It’s not always a bad thing! However high concentrations are stripping and have the potential to cause further dryness! 

  • Harsh soaps and detergents. Some products are formulated to remove oil.

  • Really hot baths/ showers! Not great for your skin as this further drys your skin! 

Protecting the skins barrier 

The skins moisture barrier helps to retain moisture! 

Use a does what it says on the tin, hydrating moisturiser! By also/ alternatively using a barrier cream, this is going to work against irritation and provide protection after wearing the mask! 

Cracked, open sores - due to abrasion 

I recommend doing the following when you've finished a shift as it could comprimise the snugness of the mask against the face! After cleansing, apply a compeed blister plaster around the nose, for an open, sore abrasion! Use either nappy rash cream or a rich SPF50 with preferably zinc oxide within it where the mask sits on the cheeks to help repair the skin.

Go makeup free! 

Everyone feels better with a little makeup! But your skin won’t thank you for it whilst wearing a mask. Especially if the makeup is noncomedogenic. It’s going to CLOG leading to breakout. Same goes for you moisturiser - avoid rich creams! 

Look out for anti inflammatory ingredients! 

For acne/ breakout/ perioral dermatitis look for niacinamide, ginger and turmeric! 

For skin thats breaking out!

You could be breaking out because a mask is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, breaking out due to stress/ eating rubbish food! Higher cortisol levels is caused by stress causing oiler, troubled skin.

Do NOT use really thick creams! Use lighter creams, serums to gently provide the skin with the bare minimum of what it needs!

Beauty brands providing relief/ support for front line works! 

The Body Shop - 

The Body Shop will donate 25,000 units of soap and 25,000 units of Hemp Hand protector to the tirelessly brilliant NHS nurses, doctors, support staff and volunteers at the temporary hospital at London’s ExCel centre.

Estée Lauder donated two million to Doctors Without Borders, supporting the organisation treating Coronavirus in countries that are lacking poorly in resources to fight the pandemic. 

Elizabeth Arden donated 4,000 of their eight hour cream to help NHS frontline staff.

Clarins are delivering 50,000 beauty kits to hospitals nationwide and have produced 18,000 400ml bottles of hand sanitiser donating to French hospitals.


Moisturiser - dry skin

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Exuviance Ultra Restore Creme - retailed with home delivery at £39

Indeed Labs 10 Balm Soothing Cream

Moisturiser- break out skin

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