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When DMK skin treatments are applied you will see real, sustainable results with skin conditions such as Ageing, Acne, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Pigmentation and Scarring. This treatment literally BREATHES life back into your skin. What’s happening here is enzyme therapy, working deep within the skin designed to unclog pores, dissolve dead skin cells and impurities within the skin. Bringing oxygen rich blood cells and nutrients to the surface, with its plasmatic effect on removal! 

I love that the founder Danne Montague-King sought a solution for his own severe acne, which became world reknown. The revolutionary concept of DMK is Repair, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain aims to match each persons biochemistry. Professional treatments based on the principle that skin cells respond positively to the chemistry they recognise. Your treatment ends with a series of products Hatty will prescribe to Protect and Maintain your newly revised skin. To achieve the best results, you must agree to follow this DMK Home Prescriptive regimen,  the treatments and home prescriptive work together to support the skins natural functions!  Incorporating other retail brands that are not compatible with the DMK method will delay the progress obtained by the treatment.

Your DMK Facial begins with a deep cleanse to rid your pores of dirt and cellular debris. The Remove process is further enhanced through the use of an exfoliating thermal gel that increases oxygenation to the tissues. This will leave your skin feeling fresh, revitalised and a little “tingly” or warm. The skin is then treated with a powdered vitamin C serum to kick-start collagen production that allows the amino acids in our signature enzyme masque to Rebuild. The ingredients penetrate beyond the surface to restore structural integrity and revitalise your skin at a cellular level.​

The world famous DMK Enzyme Masque is like no other skin treatment you have ever had! This is about results!

The Enzyme Masque stays on for approx. 30-45 min. depending on your skin condition. After around 15 minutes the mask really kicks in, drying and pulling the skin back towards your scalp, a pulsating action occurs which is the “reverse osmosis” effect drawing toxins and fluids from your skin. During this time, the enzyme masque is also removing dead skin cells, activating collagen in the skin and working your facial muscles intensely, which leaves the skin feeling and looking incredibly firm. This facial is'nt painful whatsoever despite a strange sensation of feeling the face pulsate.

Finally, the enzyme masque is removed. The skin  is cleansed again and given a transdermal infusion. This infusion is a cocktail of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals and is customised to your particular skin condition.

The DMK Fundamentals kits include enough product for one professional treatment and a 30-day take-home supply of DMK Skincare™ products. While there may be no “magic bullet” that cures all, each kit provides you with everything you need to address age-related, acne-related, and pigmentation conditions.

There Are 3 Treatment Kit Options Available For Addressing Acne, Ageing and Pigmentation.