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from manis to pedis

The Gel Bottle are highly pigmented, gel colours which are completely vegan and free from toxins! They are a world wide known, social media savvy brand who have taken the nail industry by storm with their revolutionary BIAB builder encouraging stronger, longer lasting nails for upto 3 weeks. 


Being qualified in gel nails for the best of 5 years already, gel nails are the first treatment I trained in and the treatment that set me on the path to opening my home salon! Theres nothing more I love than creating freehand nail designs.

Recently qualifying in Bio Scultpure, a cruelty free gel nail brand who's ethos completely encourage health of the natural nail bed by using pre treatment bases prior to gel application. I am always expanding my knowledge on the services which I offer, believing it is so important to keep up to date.


 The signature trick to any good manicure is the preperation of the nail bed. This is why I am a Navy Pro Hygiene Salon using only the best tools alongside sterilisation methods and equiptment

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The Gel Bottle; Sahara, Daisy and gold foil